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ThinKing Award 2022EN – Visioverdis 2.0


It is time to rethink our cities‘ green spaces and ecosystems.

Visioverdis 2.0 GmbH develops greentech products for urban living spaces.

Our aim is to support municipalities, property planners and property developers in making cities even greener and healthier.

Our products combine the potential of plants and technology to create forward-looking solutions.

In this way, we offer our customers sensible, technically mature and durable products.


Our products are

green • modular • digital

At the heart of this is the design and construction of products and processes that enable new areas of application and functions for plants: from individual products such as the GraviPlant to the complete Skyfey building concept.

Innovation and excellence fueled by green visions for our future.

Visioverdis 2.0 presents new visions for greener cities.

We develop greentech products for the urban living space, thereby supporting municipalities, property planners and developers, and other actors in implementing climate adaptation strategies and construction projects that meet sustainable urban requirements.

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