Our products are green, modular and digital.

GraviPlant 1

Vertical Hightech Plant Supply System: GraviPlant

As a horizontally growing tree, our GraviPlant creates new accents in facade greening. It is a high-tech plant supply system that allows trees and larger plants to grow horizontally instead of vertically as usual. You can use new and previously unused spaces where plants are not affected by the space competition of vertical growth.

Green City Furniture for Recreation Spaces: Greenbes

This practical combination of plants and furniture not only creates attractive design options, but above all green oases that invite you to linger, feel good and rest.

The seating surface is made with FSC certified Bamboo X-treme® – fast growing young bamboo shoots that are made extremely durable and comply with the EU Durability Classification Class 1 according to the European Standard EN 350.


Automated Planting System for Your Home: GT Rotacci

As a modular, automatically watering planting system, the Growth Tower Rotacci can be expanded with planted rings, e.g. with herbs, vegetables or flowers – according to individual taste.

*(available starting Summer 2025)
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