Visioverdis 2.0 GmbH present itself with a sharpened business profile and a strong team that covers all important competencies and sets new strategies for the future of greener and healthier cities. We develop greentech products for the urban living space with the aim of supporting municipalities, property planners and property developers in making cities even greener.

In this way, we offer our customers new options for implementing climate adaptation strategies and planning construction projects that meet sustainable urban requirements.

Our products are green, modular and digital. They support the city in improving the urban climate through air filtering and air conditioning, based on O2 production, as well as CO2 binding and transpiration cooling. In addition, they enable efficient use of space and completely new design options in order to promote resource protection and increase biodiversity at the same time.

The innovative combination of botany and technology within the greentech area opens up new opportunities and attractive possibilities for companies and organizations to reduce possible environmental pollution in cities and to upgrade urban living space.