Visioverdis developed the GraviPlant as an innovative product for greening new spaces.


The GraviPlant allows for greening new spaces which could not be used before such as facades of tall buildings. Hereby, one of the central aspects of our product is the specific long-term care of the plants.

Our patented system includes an integrated irrigation system and multiple sensors to permanently and automatically nurture the plants.

The sensors are connected to embedded software

giving insights on plant specific parameters.



In the 19th century biologists researched the effects of an altered perception of plants to a gravitational stimuli.

The first scientific apparatus

to do so was invented by Julius von Sachs.


The so called “clinostat” is a device in which

plants can be clamped horizontally

and turned along their axis.


The GraviPlant by Visioverdis follows and extends this tradition.




The GraviPlant offers new possibilities for the greening and designing of walls as three-dimensional structures - both for representative facades as well as spectacular interior spaces.

At the moment the GraviPlant is available for façades only but soon a smaller scaled indoor version will be available to our customers.

When buying a “GraviPlant” our customer gets a living piece of art that produces long living and beautiful plants with a minimal effort or maintenance.

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