turn the plan(e)t

Visioverdis develops technical products and procedures to permanently integrate plants and other botanical components into so far

unused dimensions spaces.


One of Visioverdis´ current core activities is the design and construction of long-term plant care systems to integrate plants in new spaces.


The development of our first product called “GraviPlant” took several years and is an innovative milestone for our company. It allowed us to gain profound experience in combining plants and technology.


It is our aim to develop useful and long-lasting products to serve our customers’ needs. Therefore we constantly focus on the improvement of our products using new technologies and materials to interlink nature and technology in a balanced and beneficial way.


Visioverdis researches how to integrate botanical components into new areas of application like, for instance, the vertical greening of inside and outside spaces.

Our team researches the reaction of plants to changing stimuli. The environment affects plants with a

multitude of different stimuli to which they react to.

Currently we are testing the effects of an altered

perception of gravity and light on different plants. Furthermore we are researching the impact of tensile and compressive stress on small trees to analyze the changing wood characteristics.

The subject of Vertical Farming is also of interest to

us since it will gain in importance in the future.

Our research projects focus not only on the ideal maintenance of plants in exposed and novel spaces but also on the production and application of plant-based secondary substances and new materials. We aim to improve the understanding of plants in an application-oriented way to broaden our range of innovative products and services.


We constantly work with partners form different fields of expertise to be able to realize even complex projects to meet our customer’s wishes.

Our services include customer-specific consulting on how to integrate and utilize plants in new dimensions even if they are extraordinary and novel.

We see the design and creation of technical products and procedures as one of our key competences to develop application-oriented solutions for our customers.