In 2009 the idea was born to develop a clinostat

for trees. We wanted to find out if it was

possible for trees to grow horizontally.


We have tested many different types of plants in various feasibility studies and now know that trees

can grow not only vertically but horizontally as well.


From then the “GraviPlant” was developed and

has been refined to be a high-tech plant care system.

Fotograf: Gustavo Alàbiso


The founding team of Visioverdis believes that with a good mixture of boldness, planning, humor, creativity, madness, money, time and persistence the most amazing things can be achieved.

Fotograf: Gustavo Alàbiso

Iris Schmid

Christoph Mandl



Alina Schick




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Within the last years, we attracted plenty of media attention for our product. Some of the articles are listed below.


We are proud that our work is supported by the following

institutions and partners.

Visioverdis wurde mit der Entwicklung des GraviPlants vom Juni 2015 bis zum Juli 2016 durch das Exist Programm gefördert.