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Particulate matter, nitrogen oxides and ozone: air pollution remains a serious concern in Germany. The situation is even more dramatic in megacities worldwide, where pollution continues to worsen.

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A new vertical garden project has been finished in the Stuttgart City.

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Visioverdis GmbH from Stuttgart is the winner of the KfW Award Founding 2018 Baden-Württemberg.

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The second generation of our GraviPlant.

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We combat air pollution.
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Ideal for representative facades and short-term installations for events and garden shows alike: the GraviPlant Outdoor is perfectly adapted to outdoor conditions.

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We open a new chapter in sky farming: Skyfey is our concept for a self-sufficient cycle of energy, water and nutrients.

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Vertical Farming - a block in the self-sufficient future city

For 2030, the UN predicts 41 megacities or regions. Cities from the surrounding rural systems consume water, air, food, raw materials and energy, and deliver wastewater, waste, heat and polluted air to the ecosystems. These are heavily polluted and can no longer effectively counteract climate change. Cities must therefore become more self-sufficient and relieve the surrounding area. Vertical agriculture can offer solutions here.


Dr. Alina Schick